Visa for India

Visa for India

A valid VISA is necessary for all overseas delegates and all delegates are requested to apply well in advance.
For China and SAARC countries, a permission authorisation will be sent to the respective Indian consulate office in their country; however the individual delegate is also required to apply for Indian visa. Kindly contact Neumech Events (Conference Managers) for further assistance.Bhutanese and Nepalese citizens need to carry a suitable means of identification.

Conference Visas are issued by the relevant Indian Embassy if visa applicants are able to produce:
  • A letter of invitation to the conference/seminar/workshop in India
  • Relevant copies of permissions from Indian Government Agencies for the staging of a particular conference

Please click here to download copies of the relevant permissions.
To request an invitation letter in your name, kindly write to us at

Letter of Invitation: Individuals requiring an official letter of invitation in order to obtain a visa and authorisation to attend the conference should contact us here. An invitation letter will be sent on request to registered delegates only. The letter of invitation does not financially obligate the conference organisers in any way. All expenses incurred in relation to the conference are the sole responsibility of the participant.

Delegates from Afghanistan, China, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, Foreigners of Pakistani Origin and Stateless Persons are requested to send their passport details as per the following format, as the details need to be submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs 6 weeks prior to the conference for getting the visa clearance.

Name Father’s / Husband’s Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Nationality & Passport Number Date of Issue Place of Issue Date of Expiry Address as per the passport