Bike Rally

Did you know?
Road rage affects more than half of all drivers at some point in their lives.

Tens of thousands of accidents happen each year because of aggressive driving, which is a leading cause of death for young children.

With significant amount of time spent in traffic each day, a stressed mind can make one more vulnerable to Depression, Anxiety, Anger Outbursts; increasing the risk of lapse in concentration, accidents on the road, reduced productivity at the workplace and diminish overall quality of life.
Driving with a calmer mind can help focus on the road better and avoid accidents, saving lives! Moreover, lowering your stress levels can boost your physical and mental health!

While stress free riding can enhance the calmness of your mind, a calm mind would enhance your riding experience!
So time to take a deep breath, smile, hold on to your patience and have a good ride!

An initiative to promote safe and stress-free driving
Through this rally as well as online awareness campaign #IndiaForMentalHealth