Welcome Message

Message from the WFMH President

Dear Colleagues and Guests,


It is an honour and privilege to welcome you to the 21st WFMH World Congress.

The Congress takes place from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th November 2017 in New Delhi, India – a vibrant city that brings together culture, history and great cuisine.

Medicine as a whole is going through a period of challenge world-wide and mental health and investment in mental health and social care is being disproportionately affected. To rise to these challenges we need to hold our hope and find new ways of working. I can think of no better place to hold the 21st WFMH World Congress than India – a country that has been able to bring the past and the future together and has developed many new ways of working that uses the rich resources we all have in our communities making the most of social capital to make lives of people with mental health problems better.

I would like to invite you to join us in New Delhi so that we can all learn from one another by sharing our experiences. The 21st WFMH World Congress provides an opportunity for scientists, advocates, service providers, service users and caregivers to get together to identify and discuss significant mental health issues, transfer information and build networks and friendships.

With this in mind we are honoured to have a range of distinguished speakers, carers, service users and consumers, NGO’s and other advocates joining us to showcase their work and provide opportunities for interaction. Please come to join us.

There will be a special session dedicated to the 2017 World Mental Health Day theme – Employment and Mental Health. There are also special tracks for carers, service users and consumers so that they can learn from one another. We will also be honouring the contribution of individuals and organisations in advancing mental health advocacy world-wide by presenting a range of awards.

Symptoms are not a barrier to recovery but our attitudes are. Don’t be a bystander – come and join us in New Delhi in November 2017 so that we can stand together to advocate for mental health so that we can continue to make a positive difference to the lives of people affected by mental health issues.



Prof Gabriel Ivbijaro, MBE
World Federation for Mental Health